Leverage IT Taken Down by Eventual Champs

Expectations were very high for the Leverage IT squad as they stepped onto the court at the Sleep Train Arena for the Sacramento Metro Chamber Hoops Tournament. The team came in with a plethora of fundamentally sound stars who looked to score efficiently with a fast paced precision offense.

While the Leverage squad held high hopes for championship glory the team faced an uphill battle, we got hit with a rude awakening. Our first opponent, the Johnson Group winner of last year’s tournament, came in gunning for us and slammed out ten quick unanswered points. It wasn’t until Sean Dolan scored off a tight dish from Chris Dudley that their run could be stopped. The Johnson Group went on to defeat Leverage IT 14-5 and eventually took the Championship once again.

Special thanks goes out to all who participated, the Sacramento Metro Chamber for hosting the event, and the entire crew and cheerleaders at Leverage IT. We’ll get ‘em next year!

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