Our Best Practices Process

What to expect when Leverage IT joins your team

A tried-and-true best practices development process

Leverage IT implements a step-by-step guide for you and your workforce to create IT best practices. This ensures that your company will have the best technology solutions available, and you’ll also learn the best ways to leverage that technology to grow and improve your business. Here is a brief overview of our guide; however, your plan will be customized for your unique needs and goals.

An experienced and well-rounded team backing you up

A partnership with Leverage IT equips you with a team of professionals covering
all your technology bases and driving your development plan forward.
  • Client Business Technology Executive – Accountable for client company technology strategy and direction; and company technology effectiveness and efficiency.
  • Client Business Technology Primary – Accountable for technology relationship management; voice of the client for technology budget, risk and value priority decisions; monitoring the status of all technology projects; business process experts (internal business leads engaging and driving benefit from technical solutions)
  • LITC vCIO – Accountable for strategist IT planning, scheduled technology planning meetings with client primary, guiding and coaching client business area experts. Responsible for Leverage IT’s relationship management
  • LITC Best Practice Engineer – Accountable for reporting on clients technical architecture; scheduled best practice testing; service improvement and technology best use opportunities; advocate for IT best practice needs; validates post project best practice implementations
  • LITC Technology Service Lead – Accountable for client service request delivery, service request trend analysis to identify service improvement opportunities, automated tool management, automated services
  • LITC Project Manager / Technical Lead – Accountable for project delivery; clear, definable, measurable and deliverable scope definition, communication and expectation setting; and management for planning, scheduling, updating, and controlling project deliverables

Detailed reports for greater transparency and better decision-making

Knowledge is power, and we are committed to empowering your business with technology. To that end, we provide precise and thorough reporting on both the state of your IT and the effects of our services. Coupled with clear and frequent communication as well as ongoing best practices education, this valuable information will give you everything you need to make well-informed business improvement decisions.
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