Financial Services

Our comprehensive cybersecurity and IT maintenance keeps your financial services business running smoothly.

Productivity and peace of mind for the money management industry

Financial sector firms handle large amounts of confidential stakeholder information in a highly regulated and changeable industry. Data loss from technological failure or cyberattack creates significant risk for all parties, and compliance responsibilities present yet more challenges. Leverage IT‘s financial sector IT support keeps your systems monitored and maintained, and your software and hardware delivering peak productivity. Our BDR and managed cybersecurity solutions — aligned with NIST best practices — keep your files backed up and immediately recoverable after any disaster, and protect them with the latest malware and IP theft defenses.

Leverage IT Consulting offers finance industry-specific support and consulting so your business processes are handled by the most appropriate systems and applications. Since 2001, we have been helping financial firms overcome their data security and regulatory compliance issues, and attract and retain clients and staff.

industry clients

Leverage IT’s technology services provide professional and legal firms with:

Responsive support remotely or on-site

Cloud solutions for better collaboration in real time

Cutting edge software integrations and the training to use them

Specialized cybersecurity services to protect confidential data

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