Managed Cybersecurity

Leverage IT’s Shield program adds layers of protection to help keep you safe from hackers and ransomware.

Do these issues concern you?

Are we being targeted by phishing attacks?

Has our network been compromised without our knowledge?

Are our teams trained to identify and prevent cyberattacks?

Do our remote workers know how to keep their devices from being compromised?

Is our Microsoft 365 cloud environment configured for security?

Are we using passwords and access best practices to prevent a breach?

Over half of all businesses will experience a cyberattack this year.

Mitigate your risk now

Cybercrime is costing millions, and hackers are developing new threats all the time. Malware can enter through unexpected avenues, so it is important to have a deep understanding of your IT infrastructure, its vulnerabilities, and the tools to address them. Awareness and best practice training for everyone on the network is also essential. Depending on your compliance obligations, failing to invest in cybersecurity can be irresponsible or illegal, and customers will take notice.

Shield keeps you protected

Shield is our suite of cybersecurity tools and best practices, applied by our IT security experts to keep your organization safe.

Assessments and recommendations based on the NIST security best practices

Firewalls tested and maintained to stop the latest threats

Microsoft 365 optimization to achieve cloud security best practices

Enterprise grade anti-malware that protects against the latest threats

Training and testing for employees to keep security top of mind

Why Choose Leverage IT Shield Cybersecurity?

A simple and quick process to take you from assessment to solution

NIST-based security service plans tailored to your organization

Two decades of security expertise across multiple industries

Education and training resources to make your employees the first line of defense

Results You Can Rely On

Clients who implement Shield throughout their IT ecosystem see clear benefits.

Consistent security

Improved productivity

Easier compliance

Higher staff and customer satisfaction

Our Shield Managed Cybersecurity guarantees your organization is defended from current and future cyberthreats. Our engineers have years of experience in cybersecurity best practices and can either take over your entire network security or augment your existing IT team. We’ll perform a thorough audit of your systems and recommend solutions that meet your exact business needs. With these countermeasures in place, you can operate confidently in a future-proofed secure IT ecosystem.

What our clients have to say

Leverage came up as a top contender

Leverage was an internal referral for us and it was really easy to tell right away how above and beyond Leverage and how detailed they are in the project and ticket management. All that feedback was so important because that's what we weren't getting with our other provider and it was just very refreshing to get that kind of input.
Karin Fisk
Manager of Systems & Projects
Mary's Gone Crackers, Inc. | Conscious Eating®

What our clients say

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Identify the gaps and how to fill them

Our team delivers an analysis of your current security and compliance risk factors, and a roadmap for improvement.


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