CloudScale - Cloud Services by Leverage IT: Agility, Productivity, and Security

Business runs better in the cloud.

Find the right cloud solution for your organization

Choosing the ideal cloud solutions is a challenge. Our approach to delivering cloud services is to communicate with our clients to find the exact configurations that make the most sense for their goals. What will the cloud do for your operation? What could be better handled on premises? What will your ideal cloud solution look like?

This upfront analysis ensures your new systems are implemented correctly and deliver the maximum benefits to your business – free from the physical constraints of on-premises servers. To ensure you get returns on your investment, we provide a range of ongoing education and upskilling for your team on your new cloud tools, including written and video manuals, live Q&A, and online or in-person seminars.

Cloud solutions dominate the business landscape, providing agility, productivity, and security. But they need to be implemented with a clear roadmap aligned with your specific operational and security requirements. Leverage IT works with you to ensure your business goals are met.

Leverage IT’s CloudScale - Cloud Services
  • Customizable private, public, or hybrid cloud server options
  • VDI (virtual desktop infrastructure)
  • Microsoft 365 expertise, the world’s premier cloud platform
  • A wide range of CRM, ERP, and general business applications
  • Service desk engineers on call to assist with any issue
  • Cloud server backups to secure your data off-site
  • Scalable solutions so you always have capacity and pay only for what you need
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