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Our CloudScale service helps you choose the best cloud IT solutions for your business and manages your new IT environment for better agility, productivity, and security.

Do these pain points sound familiar?

We’re struggling with remote access.

We need to access our data from a wider range of devices.

We’re worried about the security and reliability of our network.

We need to meet our compliance requirements more easily.

We need a better way to share and collaborate on documents.

We want to put our servers’ floor space and maintenance costs to better use.

Cloud computing

Business runs better in the cloud.

If you’re still operating on-premises servers, you’re probably experiencing setbacks while those in the cloud are enjoying significant advantages. The cloud makes everything easier — collaboration, productivity, data protection — all while reducing capital expenditures.

Cloud computing options dominate the business landscape. But they need to be implemented with a clear roadmap, aligned to your specific operational and security requirements. With our Leverage IT CloudScale services, we work with you to ensure your business goals are met.

Cloud computing models: Find the right cloud solution for your organization

Our approach to helping clients migrate to cloud computing is to discuss their needs and find the configuration that makes the most sense for their goals.

What will the cloud do for your business? What is better handled on premises? What will the ideal cloud solution look like for your processes and people?

This upfront analysis ensures your work environment is implemented correctly and delivers the maximum benefits to your business.

Hybrid server + cloud environment

On-premises file server and domain controller, but utilizing Microsoft SharePoint/OneDrive, or another file management tool like Dropbox for Business

Full cloud environment

Microsoft 365 – with its suite of familiar, essential business applications – with SharePoint, OneDrive, and Teams

Cloud application servers and virtual desktop infrastructure

Legacy applications with no software-as-a-service alternative can be run virtually from the cloud; alternatively, entire desktop work spaces can be virtualized.

Why Choose Leverage IT CloudScale solutions?

You can choose from customizable private, public, or hybrid cloud server options.

You’ll leverage our expertise in Microsoft 365, the world’s premier cloud platform.

We’ll help you deploy a wide range of CRM, ERP, and general business applications.

Our cloud IT support engineers are on call to assist with any issue.

We’ll configure managed cloud server backups to secure your data off-site.

You’ll have a scalable cloud environment, so you always have capacity and pay only for what you need.


The cloud is fundamental to “digital transformation”, the process of leveraging new technologies to improve all areas of a business. Technologies are constantly evolving — in all industries and markets, organizations that embrace digital transformation increase their competitiveness and growth, while those who refuse to change are getting left behind. Cloud computing brings so many performance and security benefits, at overall lower expenditures, that it’s now the standard way to run a business. With a cloud environment, you can easily embrace digital transformation and stay competitive. To learn more about digital transformation, start with our introduction, What Is Digital Transformation and Why Does It Matter to Your Business? and The 3 Pillars of Digital Transformation.

Yes, for the vast majority of businesses. But looking solely at cloud service fees versus the cost of physical server infrastructure, any cloud environment will appear to have an ROI break-even point. This is because you pay by the user, so for certain-sized organizations it may seem cheaper to go with on-premises servers. However, this does not account for the many cost-saving features of cloud computing, and the many expenses of physical infrastructure. For example, the cost of maintaining an on-premises data center constantly rises: As data increases, so does the need to buy new storage systems, allocate more floor space, pay for more electricity, and hire more people to manage it all. Similarly, software needs to be updated, patched, installed and reinstalled. Cloud computing eliminates the need for all of this time and money by providing pay-for-what-you-use services which are kept up to date and secured without you needing to do anything.

No need to worry — We’ve been migrating businesses to the cloud since the beginning of ‘the cloud’. We have a standardized process that includes comprehensive planning, communicating, and training, and we can enhance this process if you have additional needs. We understand the concerns people have that any change will slow them down. But after your transition to the cloud, you will rapidly become more productive. We help you through every step of this process, including choosing the best cloud hosting solutions. To ensure you get return on your investment, we provide a range of ongoing education and upskilling for your team on your new cloud tools, including written and video manuals, live Q&As, and online or in-person seminars.

Depending on the scope of your cloud transition and the availability of your team, the project can go live within 3–5 weeks. This includes planning, configuration, training, and the migration. For any organization that moves to the cloud, the collaboration and productivity benefits can be felt immediately. 

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