Architecture, Engineering, and Construction

Build a foundation of success with Leverage IT’s cutting-edge technology and proactive support.

Solutions that keep you free to focus on your projects and clients

Leverage IT’s A/E/C services enable your firm to extract maximum performance from your industry-specific software. We can streamline your project management, optimize your communication channels, and help you handle large volumes of blueprints, renderings, and other atypical file types. Collaboration is essential for firms in this sector, so our cloud solutions empower your teams to securely share and edit your project documents across multiple devices and work sites.

Data needs to be restorable immediately after any planned or unplanned downtime, so we will implement automated backup and disaster recovery processes that ensure business continuity for your firm and peace of mind for your stakeholders. Our comprehensive technical support is offered in fixed monthly plans that enable you to pay only for the Leverage IT’s Core Services you need, and scale them up or down as needs change. Our services for architecture, engineering, and construction firms allow you to focus on your projects and clients, not your IT maintenance.

industry clients

Leverage IT’s technology services provide
architecture, engineering and construction firms with:

Responsive support remotely or on-site

Cloud solutions for better collaboration in real time

Cutting edge software integrations and the training to use them

Specialized cybersecurity services to protect confidential data

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