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Our NavigateDigital Transformation Services enable your business to Adopt new technologies that are essential for competitiveness and growth in our digital world.

Could your business be falling behind?

We’re struggling to meet the ever-increasing “need it yesterday” requests of our Clients and Customers.

Our productivity has declined since having to disperse large numbers of our workforce.

Our security protocols have not been adapted to suit new remote-focused work environments.

Our technology initiatives are continuously overdue and over budget.

We need to access more accurate data, faster, to make better business decisions.

Overheads continue to increase with market changes and we need a way to optimize our operations.

Digital Transformation is the integration of technology into all areas of your business, fundamentally benefitting how it operates.

Like it or not, every company is now a digital company. The transformation is either forced on them by their customers and the market, or they embrace it early and get ahead of the curve. Leverage IT firmly believe that all our clients are better served by taking the proactive approach to digital transformation, before they are forced to by competitors or regulators.

Our Navigate Digital Transformation services empower business owners to make informed decisions.

Most business leaders want to know which technologies will increase their revenue and lower their expenses. These could be digital tools for helping your people collaborate better, gaining insights into your customer behavior, automating marketing and sales, or nearly any other business function that used to depend on manual processes.

To embrace this change, you need to start with an understanding of where you are in the transformation process, and which strategy will work best for your goals.

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Our Navigate Digital Transformation Services

Designed to help you create your digital strategy and give you the tools to achieve your business goals


Our standardized bench-marking provides businesses an accurate measure of the value their technologies currently bring.

Industry Leading Tools

We built the tools from the ground up to provide the information businesses need to make more informed decisions.

Best Practice Guidelines

Gone are the days of hoping a solution is right for you: Our guidelines ensure your technologies align with your desired outcomes.

Results you can rely on

Clients who enlist our Navigate Digital Transformation program across their business technology infrastructure see substantial improvements.

Improved Client and team member experiences

Better data-based insights

Greater collaboration across departments

Increased agility and innovation

When you partner with Leverage IT, our engineers will take on every aspect of your technology from hardware fixes to compliance audits. We invest in long-term relationships, so in addition to providing solutions, we’ll develop your in-house abilities for using them to add value to your business. Every element of your IT environment can promote growth, and we’ll teach you the most efficient ways to make it happen.

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Let’s turn your technology into your competitive advantage.


Get your Digital Maturity Assessment

Assess the state of your digital transformation across your business and explore options to bridge the gaps in your strategy.


Create your Digital Strategy

Couple your digital vision with your long term business objectives to develop your business-changing digital strategy.


Follow our Digital Roadmap
Put your strategy in action with a customized digital roadmap that helps you Navigate your digital transformation journey.


Digital transformation is the guidance and implementation of improvements to people, processes, and technical tools to increase business user efficiency and effectiveness.

Ignoring digital transformation will cause an organization to fall behind its competitors in the market.

One of the key obstacles to digital transformation is the ability to identify and prioritize the changes required, as well as calculate the return on investment of those changes.

Digital transformation is essential for organizations to stay competitive in a rapidly changing digital landscape. By investing in the people, processes, and tools necessary to achieve digital transformation, organizations can reap the benefits and achieve a positive return on investment. Without investing in digital transformation, organizations risk falling behind their competitors.

Dealing with internal resistance to digital transformation involves involving all stakeholders in the process, fostering open communication, and ensuring that everyone understands the goals and benefits of the transformation. By involving people and addressing their concerns, organizations can overcome resistance and achieve a successful digital transformation.

Many industries are undergoing digital transformation, but those that are moving most rapidly are financial services, legal services, and businesses that can transition to cloud and cloud services. Other industries, such as manufacturing, are also adopting digital technologies but at a slower pace.

A company should undergo digital transformation when its strategy is not working, the complexity of the business is impacting efficiency and effectiveness, and the size of the business has outgrown existing technologies, people, processes, and tools. This requires a roadmap, prioritization, and implementation of changes to the organization.

Digital transformation processes typically involve a business improvement review focused on the company’s needs and strategies, analysis of departmental capabilities, prioritization of changes, identification of leaders, and creation of projects to deliver changes through a digital transformation discovery process. This is all part of the Navigate digital transformation process.

Digital transformation is often driven by a consulting and service firm who can create a framework for the process, find an internal leader to adopt the processes and skills, and then hand over the responsibility after a certain engagement period.

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