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Over our 18 years of service, we have developed best practices and IT strategies tailored for a variety of industries:

Do any of these technology problems sound familiar?

  • Our in-house IT department is overworked and stretched thin.

  • We have been disappointed by past IT providers time after time.

  • Network downtime is frustrating our employees and customers.

  • Fluctuating, unpredictable IT costs are hurting our budget.

  • The company lacks a clear, long-term technology strategy for growth.

  • We can’t afford to hire an IT department, but we’re also not sure if outsourcing is what’s best.

If you’re experiencing any of these issues,

A FREE discovery session will show you how we can fix all of these problems specifically for your business.

Want to know your true IT expenses as well as how to cut costs?

Get a free, personalized technology spend budget template from Leverage IT.

We’ve developed and refined our IT budget template over the years to help clients get a better view of their expenses. This clear, comprehensive overview of technology expenses enables them to zero in on areas to cut costs and save money. To get yours, just fill out the form and download your free copy. No cost, no strings, no obligation.


What makes Leverage IT different?

Business-centric IT services, extensive industry experience, and long-term commitments.

Leverage IT’s process-driven approach to IT cultivates best practices and focuses on strategy. When we analyze your technology, we won’t think “What is wrong?” But rather, “How can this better help the business?” We’ll share the technical knowledge that we have accrued over our 18 years of operation so that you can better understand your technology and how it can best be used to promote your growth.


All of our services are customized for each client’s objectives, needs, and industry with the goal of long-term success.

What our clients say

Partnering with us is easy:


Book a free IT Best Practice Consultation

Then fill out a couple of quick surveys so we can better understand your goals and needs.


We assess your networks

So you can compare your technology to current IT best practices and discover its potential.


Our experts optimize your IT

You’ll get powerful technology solutions based on your needs and long-term business goals.


What are the costs of NOT having an IT partner on your side?

  • Every second spent on fixing IT problems is time your staff could have spent on growth or innovation.

  • Overwhelmed staff that constantly suffer from tech-related slowdowns are neither happy nor productive.

  • The inability to understand and leverage new technology causes customers to lose confidence in the company, and the company to lose confidence in leadership.

Leverage IT enables you to solve business problems with our 18 years of service delivery and strong partnerships.