Business Continuity

Your data may not be as safe as you think.

Leverage IT’s Secure backup and disaster recovery solution gets you back in operation quickly after any downtime.

You should not be asking these questions:

Someone’s already managing our backups – surely they have a recovery plan for us?

Isn’t our antivirus protecting the data on our desktops and servers?

Cloud server and Microsoft 365 data is backed up automatically, right?

Our CRM and Salesforce store data online. Doesn’t that keep it safe enough?

Email inboxes are secure, aren't they? Don’t spam filters take care of that?

I’m sure our IT guys can recover a corrupted file, can’t they?

The simple answer for each is… No.
business data is unprotected

Most business data is unprotected.

Many businesses operate under the mistaken belief that their data is backed up by the web applications they use. Worse yet, some believe platforms, like Microsoft 365, securely store everything for them. They don’t, and Microsoft themselves recommend third-party backups.

The fact is, basically no web service backs up user data securely, or ensures it’s available for retrieval in case of a data breach or disaster. If you’ve made the mistake of believing otherwise, your businesses won’t be able to recover to its original state, and in some cases, may not recover at all.

Your complete disaster recovery plan

Our Business Continuity solution provides automated, scheduled backups of ALL your business data, both onsite and to the cloud. You then have step-by-step turnkey recovery that quickly brings everything back, exactly how you left it, in the event of a disaster. It’s a complete implementation of data security best practices and ongoing processes.
complete disaster recovery plan

Secure Business Continuity

We keep all your data safe and ready for recovery if disaster strikes, and work with you to customize how your business processes are restored.

Hybrid data security

Hybrid data security

Multiple copies of data – including full server image backups – in different locations offline and in the cloud give the ability to restore any data item, from any point in time.
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Microsoft 365 backup

Microsoft 365 backup

M365 and other SaaS platform/virtual server backups give complete control over user data and ensure quick and complete return to operations.
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Recovery planning

Recovery planning

A defined process – with regular testing –that includes the maximum acceptable data loss and downtime required to bring all systems back online
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Results your business can rely on

Clients who choose our Secure Business Continuity rest easy knowing no matter what the future brings, they’ll be back in business in no time.

Why choose Leverage IT for your Business Continuity?

Custom always-on solution across all business functions

Average 15-minute response time on support requests

99.16% customer satisfaction rating on overall service delivery

Every bit of your data ready for redeployment at a moment’s notice

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We tailor our Secure Business Continuity solution to meet all your backup and disaster recovery needs.


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