Chris’ Corner: Big Events in 2013

2013 has been a tremendous year for us. With the help of our clients, staff and partners we have accomplished so much. Here is a listing of just a few highlights.

New Team Members

In 2013 our growth in Reno, Irvine and Sacramento allowed us to bring aboard 6 new team members, each with important qualifications, certifications and experience. It’s been a pleasure getting to know and working with Viktor Karas, Everett Maroney, Daniel Lopez, Billy Craig, James Dunn, and our most recent team member James Arena. We look forward to each one expanding their skills and furthering their careers with Leverage IT.

A Special New Team Member

We also had a smaller (literally) addition to the Leverage team. On December 12th , we celebrated the birth of Andrew Tryon’s son, Drew Doyle Tryon. Congratulations Andrew on this special addition to your family.

Our New Clients

In our business acquiring new clients is no easy task. There is a ton of planning, coordination, adapting of procedures and processes to integrate. Just as every company is different so are IT networks and the needs of that infrastructure. We make it a priority to customize our tools, processes and deployment of service to meet the needs and expectations of our clients. As I said this is no easy task and requires much effort from our clients and that is why we are so appreciated of our new clients in 2013. We would like to thank each one of these special organizations for helping Leverage IT become a stronger more successful company. Much work stills needs to be done. I would like to particularly express appreciation to Goodwin Consulting, St. Anton Partners, Perryman Mechanical, Girls Scout of the Sierra Nevada, Duraflex, River Valley Insurance and the Lindsay Corporation.

Rebrand to Leverage IT Consulting

This was an incredibly positive and unbelievable opportunity for us. Building upon our foundation, team, vendor relationships and operations we will continue on the same path we are on, but gain opportunity in adding more resources, expertise and advanced IT solutions to meet the growing demand of the marketplace and our client base. However, nothing changed in terms of our team, mission and in the way we do business. Rebranding will enabled us to focus on continuing building value to our company and clients, and importantly create more channel relationships and next generation technical solutions.

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