Chris’ Corner: News for Our Clients

If you are a client of Leverage IT, I bet you received one our Survey Request forms sent periodically upon completing of a ticket. I know these can at times be annoying, but they really are valuable to our organization. They help us strive to constantly challenge ourselves in meeting our client’s expectations from both a technical and client services perspective. But there are other reasons as well. They help us in compensating our team correctly, for high quality service provided. We build our processes in a “Scalable and High Client Service” focus, and need Definable, Measurable, and Deliverable metrics to ensure that we provide the very best service all our Clients…

New Processes to better meet the requirements and expectations of our clients during the On-Boarding in new clients

IT On-Boarding is an arduous process of meshing and implementing the procedures and processes of 2 different companies. While we have proven and specific processes we rely on to deliver our services, we also recognize that clients have their own processes and expectations in regards to IT management of their infrastructures and staff. This past month, we have created some great new on-boarding processes that help navigate this area to minimize confusion, miscommunication and provide clarity on service delivery in areas such as ticket management and processing, 3rd party and internal escalation, purchasing process and network documentation.

“He’s Got the Bucket!”

If you are a King’s fan you have heard that before, from Gary Gerould the long time Kings announcer. I don’t think we will have Jerry announcing our game but wanted to let you know, Leverage IT Consulting will compete in Metro Hoops II.

We are sponsoring a basketball team on December 2, playing in the Sacramento Metro Chamber Member Basketball Tournament at the Sleep Train Arena. Look for Thor Severson to be raining threes, Sal Hekmatzada dishing wicked dimes, Chris Dudley cleaning up the board while Eric Baryol leads the squad to “definable, measurable and deliverable” results. Make sure to come out and see us dunk, rebound and shoot our way to the championship. Ok, maybe not Thor and Eric but we have a couple other ringers.

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