We have new Team Member!

James Dunn, IT Systems Specialist, Service Desk Lead

James expertise is in Microsoft Server, Active Directory, Exchange, Windows troubleshooting, Network setup and design, Overall System Management. He is also very experienced and credentialed in Project Management, LAN design and Setup, TCPIP, SAN, NAS. James is also our Service Desk Lead.

Mr. Dunn was educated USMC: Cryto Communications and Repair Tech, RF Intel Systems Tech, Satcom Tech. College: AA in Electronics, and Computer Sci. BS in Mathematics. His certifications include: A+,N+,MCP,MCSE, CAN, FCC Radio System Engineer

James is a longtime competitive shooter mainly combat pistol. He also loves to ride motorcycles and has traveled extensively and notes that he is in his Vintage Japanese Motorcycle phase. His current ride is a 1978 Yamaha XS110e. He is also a highly active volunteer at the local VA hospital helping wounded Marines adjust back to a civilian lifestyle after treatment.

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