Chris’ Corner: Important Features from Leverage IT

What else are we doing in 2014 to help our clients leverage their IT Infrastructure to become more competitive? Actually, that is what it is all about, right. Selling your operational and service expertise. We want you to include your highly functioning IT department in that message. Wouldn’t your clients and targets need to know how your IT investment is helping you be competitive- or more so, differentiate you from your competitors?

Look for new features in our Newsletter

We are adding a new section in our newsletter specifically highlighting our client’s successes. A ticker tape, if you will noting any achievements, new clients, new products, success that you want to tell others about. I or my colleague Chis Nicholson will be contacting you soon to set this up.

Another enhancement of our newsletter will feature case studies and white papers. Not just general stuff but real examples of  the use of basic, advanced and available solutions that will illustrate not just the advantages, but what it takes to get them implemented into your organization. You will learn how these upgrades and enhancements are actually installed from both a Project Management aspect as well as what advantages were recognized.

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