Yammer and Casual Client Conversations and Collaborations

In our continuing efforts to expose value added technologies to our Clients, support our core value of high quality communications, and provide exceptional services. We are providing a Yammer Group for each of our Clients, where your team members can ask us technology questions and take advantage of the years of experience with implementing and supporting business technology. It also provides a way to give feedback acting as a virtual water cooler with your IT Services Team.

Your TCO and vCIO actively watch and contribute to your Leverage IT Yammer group.

What is Yammer? It is a way to informally communicate and collaborate with us.

What is Yammer not? It is not a place to get direct assistance, for that go to bit.ly/LeverageIT, or call our phone numbers: 775-324-7300, 916-984-6243, 949-653-1653.

We’re excited to continue to offer our Clients the very best IT services and support possible, and are always looking for ways to Leverage IT!

To learn more about how companies are leveraging Yammer in their companies look here, and up a conversation with us on Yammer! We’re here to help!

Check out this informative video.

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