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When I am meeting new contacts and networking with business owners, I am asked what makes Leverage IT different. Actually, that is a great question and one which I decided to investigate and determine for myself. Since I am relatively new at the company, I too wanted to know how we as a team would answer that question. I proposed the question to each Leverage team member. As you can imagine I heard many different answers, but each were delivered with Passion and Confidence.

Here is what I heard:

Our Differentiators

Our People, Processes and Services:

We focus on Our People (training, best practice business technology)
We focus on Our Processes (best in class documented and repeatable processes, internally and industry certified engineers)
We focus on Our Services (focused on business technology implementations that help our Clients build Extraordinary Businesses)

  • All Engineers trained as professional Project Managers, we have multiple PMP’s on staff, Professional Client Service training programs.
  • We speak in Definable, Measurable and Deliverable actions
  • We build Standardized, Scalable and High Client Service solutions and processes which enable our Clients to enhance their productivity, security, and profitability.
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