Is Hardware-as-a-Service right for your company?

If you own a small- to medium-sized business (SMB), then you know that the simpler you can keep things, the better. Many SMBs have trouble with the initial investment, maintenance, and replacement of computer hardware in their organization. To keep your IT infrastructure operating optimally, you need a great deal of money and technical knowledge. This is why Hardware-as-a-Service (HaaS) is steadily growing in popularity.

What is HaaS?

HaaS provides businesses with the option to lease their office hardware, ranging from printers, tablets, servers, and smartphones. The equipment is owned and maintained by the HaaS provider. Leverage IT provides a range of HaaS solutions.

Is HaaS right for my business?

You might be feeling apprehensive about adopting HaaS because you’re uncertain if it’s a good fit for your business. Here are some of the signs your business can benefit from HaaS.

  • You want to be careful with capital expenses – SMBs often have limited funds, and therefore need to keep a close watch on their expenses. This is where HaaS is ideal. It allows you to spend wisely without compromising the quality of the hardware you use to make your business run smoothly. Depending on your agreement, your HaaS provider will also be responsible for installations, upgrades, and maintenance, all for the same monthly fee.
  • You’re looking for immediate tax deductions – By integrating HaaS into your business model, saving on initial capital expenditure (CapEx) is only the tip of the iceberg. When you purchase IT assets, the value they provide extends beyond the accounting period in which they were bought. As the value of the asset decreases over time, the loss is considered a depreciation expense.Tax deductions can only be applied to this depreciation expense and not to CapEx as a whole. HaaS, on the other hand, counts as a service and falls under operational expenses (OpEx). Services offer more immediate benefits and will cease providing value shortly after payment. Because of this, the tax deductions associated with OpEx are applied during the current fiscal year.
  • You need good hardware now – Whether you’re starting your business or in the process of revamping your existing one, having easy access to the latest technology should be on the top of your list. HaaS is perfect for meeting this urgent need. Just get in touch with a trusted MSP and talk to them about your infrastructure requirements. They will provide you with an ideal hardware solution for your business in the shortest time possible.
  • You’re using old and outdated hardware – If your organization is using old and outdated hardware, then you’re vulnerable to all sorts of cybersecurity risks. Get an MSP to review the current state of your organization’s infrastructure, to see which ones have gone obsolete. With HaaS, you can replace outdated equipment, and boost your security, for surprisingly little outlay.
  • You’re not sure how much hardware you need – When the hardware requirements of your business constantly change, leasing the equipment makes more sense than buying it. Professional technology service providers like Leverage IT can provide you what you need when you need it, making your firm very agile (i.e., quick to respond to shifting market conditions) without disrupting your business operations.
  • You lack the staff for IT maintenance – For most SMBs a professional technology service provider can manage and maintain your hardware much more cost effectively than any other option. With HaaS, your service provider maintains and updates the leased equipment for you. This allows you to devote your company’s time to important business matters instead of worrying about the upkeep of your PCs and laptop infrastructure.

If you think the Haas business model is what your organization needs, give us a call. We’ll gladly formulate and implement a plan to put your business on the path to exponential growth.

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