IT Strategy and Management Assessment

This assessment will provide you and us with an understanding of your current business IT leadership, delivery, support, and security.

IT strategy

Improve your IT strategy by understanding it

Thriving organizations manage their technology to meet their most important objectives. The inability to align IT execution with changing business goals is a universal problem defined as one of today’s greatest business challenges. 

Think of this as a tool for revealing how your existing IT supports the overall competitiveness of your company – its ability to deliver more market share, better margins, and smoother operation. The results will allow us to create the right IT services and delivery plan to meet your exact IT needs. 

You will also gain a better understanding of how you are currently receiving your IT leadership, reporting, planning, budgeting, and IT roadmap. 

This assessment takes around half an hour and does not require in-depth technical knowledge.

About this assessment


Non-technical online survey made for business leaders concerned with business outcomes


26 questions, requiring around 30 minutes


Measures how your organization compares to benchmarks in relevant industries


Gauges the ability of your IT operation to execute its top priorities

What past assessments have shown:

Only a third of companies run data recovery tests to confirm their systems can be restored after a disaster.

Only 10% of companies regularly evaluate their IT performance to free up resources.

Less than a quarter of CEOs are confident in the expertise of their technology vendors.

Less than a quarter of companies have a process for building a solid IT strategy.

85% of business leaders believe they have unacceptable IT budget overruns.

22% of organizations do not know who is responsible for issues related to IT processes.

Are you ready to learn how your business can benefit from IT strategy?

Complete your questionnaire and our expert team of advisors will prepare a comprehensive report and step-by-step plan for making your business technology your most effective asset.

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