How satisfied are Leverage IT clients?

Leverage’s annual client survey gives you a behind-the-scenes look into our performance and service enhancements coming in 2024.

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What’s inside the 2024 edition?

How Leverage plans to respond to feedback and two service improvements coming in 2024.

Client quotes, comments, and feedback on each of Leverage IT’s five key services.

How our client satisfaction compares to the rest of the IT industry and leaders, like Microsoft and Apple.

An overview of Leverage IT’s five key services and how we’re performing in each area.

Service confidence scores and improvement recommendations directly from Leverage IT clients.

Our NPS score, which reveals the likelihood that clients will recommend Leverage IT.

sideimg pull back the curtain on leverage it performance

Pull back the curtain on Leverage IT’s performance

See how clients assess our service results and execution

As a client, it’s difficult to get an objective understanding of how your service provider is performing. Of course, you have your own opinions, but what do others think? Unless you personally know other clients, learning of their experiences (let alone how your service provider intends to improve) is near impossible.

Leverage IT’s client Satisfaction Report 2024 solves this problem. We surveyed leaders, managers, and executives across our entire client base to provide in-depth feedback and an objective view of our performance.

Now you can know what your peers think, and learn what Leverage is doing to address your concerns.

A sneak peek of client feedback

Get an inside look at what clients think of Leverage IT’s service

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