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IT Support / Systems Engineer

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Leverage IT Consulting is a regional IT management company with offices in Reno and Sacramento. We provide our Clients professional IT services by applying proven IT management principles, IT Best Practices, and technologies required to significantly enhance the performance of, and improve service and support for our client’s IT technology, security, applications and infrastructure.

This position is located in Sacramento, California or Reno, Nevada.

We focus on delivering outstanding client service to our Clients. We are an Open Book Management company where we work with the entire company to openly share the company’s performance, direction and decisions that make us a best in class technology service business. We provide business success incentives, profit sharing, Engineering SLA incentives, a matching 401K plan, health benefits, company celebrations, and supportive individual development. We provide professional technology careers; we do not provide a place where people clock in, clock out and just collect a paycheck. We foster an environment of lifelong learning, continual advancement and professional growth. We share in the success of our company, as our company grows and becomes more successful we share in that success. We work as a high performing team, helping and compensating with each other, as needed to, make us an even stronger Team.

The IT Engineer success is dependent on the ability and desire to learn and deliver high quality technology services and support. We provide extensive training, career development support and a team environment where success is rewarded. A professional attitude and ability to provide outstanding Client Service is critical.

Our IT Engineers are responsible for the support, design and implementation of client internal systems. We support and deliver on-prem, hosted and cloud environments, as well as providing technical assistance to team members with system and network requests. This relates to all technology including: workstations, on-prem servers, cloud-servers, printers, networks, and vendor specific hardware, line of business software and Software as a Service solutions.

Our IT Engineer’s success is dependent on the ability and desire to learn and deliver high quality technology services.

A professional attitude and providing outstanding Client Service is critical.

Essential Duties and Responsibilities include the following:
Required Experience:
Desired Experience

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