Business Technology Services that Solve and Prevent Problems

Leverage IT Consulting has been providing technology management and support for commercial businesses, special districts and state agencies for over 15 years. We provide IT Strategy, Business Application services, IT Infrastructure services and Technology security at the right time and right price to our Clients.

1) Technical Strategic Planning and Consulting Services

Businesses are faced with a myriad of business problems that are impacted by technology. To help make the best business decisions, we proved a technology strategic planning framework, ROI validation, annual budget planning, general business technology needs conversations. (This is how we help strategically plan and take care of your organization)

2) Business Application Services

When your business applications are not performing, your business is not performing. We understand that your business runs on your applications, cloud hosted, on-premises, or mobile, your team is dependent on your application solutions. We document, interface with your Business Process Leaders and Technology Vendors to ensure your applications and teams are taking advantage of improvements, and performance. (This is how we help your Teams take advantage of technology)

3) IT Infrastructure Services, IT Best Practices, and Help Desk

Your systems just need to run. Our Pivotal IT Managed Services Implement over 200 IT Business Technology Best Practices and continual systems monitoring and maintenance. Your team had direct access to highly skilled professionals to proactively prevent and resolve technology issues as they occur. (This is how we take care of your people)

4) Technology Security Services

Information theft, ransom ware, system security can cost your business more than just money. We help protect you when we assess, improve, and collaborate with you to decrease your organizations security risks, educate your team or IT Security Best Practices and continually protect your technology systems and team members for increasing technology threats. (This is how we protect you)

“Our Clients experience passionate technology delivery that help them create extraordinary business advantage”

We appreciate the opportunity to serve you.