Partner of the Month: Goodwin Consulting Group

This month we are highlighting our client Goodwin Consulting Group (GCG). They have an extensive experience analyzing the fiscal, financial, and economic impacts of land development, conversion, and transition. Unlike firms that specialize solely in financial planning for new projects, GCG is also an active participant in the implementation and ongoing administration of financing programs.

New Technical Solutions for Your Industry

Our new website has a new Resources section that will provide our clients and visitors with some of the latest technical solutions important for their industry. It is designed to provide pertinent information to help you understand what IT solutions are available to your industry and competitors, and what you need to know to get the most out of your IT investments.

Chris’ Corner: Big Events in 2013

2013 has been a tremendous year for us. With the help of our clients, staff and partners we have accomplished so much. Here is a listing of just a few highlights.

New Team Members

In 2013 our growth in Reno, Irvine and Sacramento allowed us to bring aboard 6 new team members, each with important qualifications, certifications and experience.

Leverage IT Taken Down by Eventual Champs

Expectations were very high for the Leverage IT squad as they stepped onto the court at the Sleep Train Arena for the Sacramento Metro Chamber Hoops Tournament. The team came in with a plethora of fundamentally sound stars who looked to score efficiently with a fast paced precision offense.

We have new Team Member!

James Dunn, IT Systems Specialist, Service Desk Lead

James expertise is in Microsoft Server, Active Directory, Exchange, Windows troubleshooting, Network setup and design, Overall System Management. He is also very experienced and credentialed in Project Management, LAN design and Setup, TCPIP, SAN, NAS. James is also our Service Desk Lead.

Chris’ Corner: News for Our Clients

If you are a client of Leverage IT, I bet you received one our Survey Request forms sent periodically upon completing of a ticket. I know these can at times be annoying, but they really are valuable to our organization. They help us strive to constantly challenge ourselves in meeting our client’s expectations from both a technical and client services perspective.


Check out our new site as we rebrand. You will see a number of added features, such as our new Resource widget. This will be developing as a library for viable, interesting information that is important to our clients and visitors.

Information Security’s Real Threat: Oversharing

Too much sharing and too little risk and security management are bad for business, especially among SMBs.

With great power comes great responsibility.

It's a safe bet Voltaire wasn't thinking of Facebook when he wrote those words, but it's a useful warning for businesses now enjoying the growing clout of social media.

Windows 8: 4 Things I’ve Learned

By Chris Dudley
Adapted from an Article By Kevin Casey of InformationWeek

After spending two weeks on a touchscreen laptop, I've revisited my initial assumptions about Windows 8. But don't kid yourself: Joe and Jane user will need training.

4 Things Microsoft Should Fix In Windows Blue

You've heard the popular wisdom about assumptions, right? I figured it was time to revisit mine to ensure I wasn't living up to the old, if somewhat vulgar, adage.