Who’s Hijacking Your Business WiFi? Eliminate Wi-Fi Security Risks

January 26th, 2018 CEO
Who’s Hijacking Your Business WiFi? Eliminate Wi-Fi Security Risks


The Problem: Former employees could have unauthorized access to a company’s business files through your WiFi network. For instance, an employee is let go from a company and still has WiFi information to get on the network. Such as another co-workers username and password. That employee is now able to hijack into the company’s network and possibly delete important data and share sensitive information.

The Solution: Managed Wireless Network service takes care of all wireless communication. From planning to implementation to maintenance. Planning the access points, updating configurations, maintaining regular password changes and monitoring performance are key to delivering a seamless, productive and wireless experience across the organization.

Leverage IT’s WiFi Management Deliverables:

  • Access Point plan for best coverage
  • WiFi Security Plan
  • Setup of secure and separate Corporate WiFi from Guest WiFi networks
  • Corporate File Access Through Secured Client VPN
  • Managing the Corporate Wi-Fi network
  • Managing the Guest WiFi network
  • Basic traffic
  • Basic content filtering

WiFi IT Best Practices

  • Secure Guest WiFi for Business
  • Free WiFi Access to Customers
  • Network Segregation
  • Always Chang Default Passwords
  • Keep your Firmware Updated
  • Encrypt your Wireless Signals
  • Content Filtering