Are We Getting the Right IT Support?

Are We Getting the Right IT Support?


Pivotal vCIO Client Advisory: Full IT Best Practice Annual Business Technology and Network Assessment


With change comes risk, and we’re all familiar with the dynamics of progress in technology, the business environment and every competitive company. New systems can be vulnerable, lapsing out of support periods, their critical devices timing out of warranty, and updates are easy to overlook and forget. Then there’s the devices and apps used without integration of control, leaving the company misaligned and uncovered in services.


The dual assessment comprises a network assessment and a security assessment, to completely cover both technical and management risks. In the technical review, the engineers are assessing the entire infrastructure expose all potential risks. The security needs assessment examines management activities, compared with international standards, to ensure all requisite IT security services are present and in effect.


  • Full Network Administrator IT Best Practices Assessment
  • Full Network Administrator IT Best Practices Report
  • IT Security Needs’ Assessment
  • Risk analysis based on the current technical realities
    • Out of warranty instances
    • Legacy systems
    • Non-managed devices
    • Potential security concerns
  • Risk analysis based on the IT Security Needs Assessment
    • Potential security concerns
    • Recommended additional security services

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