You Know You Need IT Best Practices When…

You Know You Need IT Best Practices When…


The main goal of any standard procedure is to ensure that services are provided in a consistent, predictable, and efficient manner. To accomplish this, best practices are often put in place. Studies show that those who implement a well-designed and thought out IT Best Practice system dramatically improve work flow and reduce stress. If you’re thinking the thoughts below in regards to your IT, then you know you need to implement IT Best Practices and Standards.

You Know When You Need IT Best Practices When:

  • You think, “I have all of this in my head”
  • You say to yourself, “This takes too much time”
  • You tell your business partner, “This is a waste of time”
  • You argue, “I set it up right the first time”
  • You convince yourself, “There’s no value in this”

Also, if you are dependent on non-document processes, no standards, and have no consistency, your business technology is probably costing you more than it should and is at a higher risk.