Why your team’s the weakest link

Why your team’s the weakest link


Your employees might be a victim to the world of computer viruses and hacking. With a staggering increase in malware infections it makes it hazardous to try and dodge these attacks, but it’s not impossible. With the rate of business attacks at 16,856 times a day, it is crucial to remember the risks and get the proper protection to keep your company secure, and your workers safe as well.

There is a timeline with five different generations labelled as cybercrime. This timeline starts with the 1990’s where it all started to instigate. At first it came across as a challenge, to see who could hack into a computer, almost pure competition. It started to rise quickly in the next ten years to the 2000’s, a new generation. By this time fast spreading worms have been introduced, causing multimillion dollar losses for countless companies. When the 2010 generation hits, they have skyrocketed to the use of Botnets to infect PC’s, to send spam, attack websites, and identity theft came into the picture. This continues to a new generation during the same time period. To lastly become a trail of organized crimes. They are growing and targeting bigger companies with more money, and higher quality malware. At the end of the time line, 2016, which is the concluding generation, the malware is currently licensed with tech support, being paid by the hour. Then we have pay for play malware infection services also.

With all the hazards, remember that there are ways to ensure safety for your computers, your employees and your company. Install Business Class Firewall with current and updating Firmware Monitoring. Help protect your devices from getting virus and malware infections and add DNS/URL protection as a necessity when you need a change in results and safe networking. One of the critical steps to reducing viruses and attacks in your workspace is Team Security Training.

Team Security Training, a serious and significant impact in training your staff and your users to recognize warnings and red flags they come across. For example, KnowBe4, one the leading most popular platform helps companies and organizations manage and combat the problem of social engineering using the simple rotation of baseline testing, training your users, phishing your users, and includes analysis of your results.

If your system has already been affected, or you’re noticing a slowness or pages wont load, pop-ups etc., you have a few options. Contact your IT provider immediately to disconnect your system from the network and start to clean up. If that doesn’t work out, you might have to wipe your computer completely and then redownload everything you had before. If you need additional assistance always talk to your IT team or provider and they will be able to assist you further.