A Step by Step Guide for IT Best Practices

May 1st, 2017 CEO
A Step by Step Guide for IT Best Practices


IT Best Practices are referred to as a method or technique that has been generally accepted as superior to any alternatives because it produces better results. Therefore, many companies implement best practices in their protocol. But how do best practices apply to your company’s IT department? Unfortunately, most companies are asleep at the wheel when it comes to providing structure in their IT system. A study provided by IBM claims that more than 70 percent of companies recognize that IT infrastructure plays an important role in enabling competitive advantage or optimizing revenue and profit. However, despite this recognition, only 22 percent have a well-defined IT infrastructure strategy. Here, we have provided a simple guideline of how to incorporate IT Best Practices within your company to gain an advantage among your competitors.

  1. Measure Current IT Performance
    Research and establish an objective measurement of your current IT status
  2. Create an IT Strategy
    Utilize your data from your current IT status to create a strategy for your IT needs
  3. Implement Core IT Processes
    Establish and manage core IT processes or outsource a company to do it for you
  4. Network Administrator conducts consistent Best Practice Testing
    Run manual reviews and tests on the business technology systems, and conduct a step by step best practice review
  5. Utilize Tools and Best Practices for Key Projects
    Accelerate projects with practical tools and an IT Best Practice strategy to gain advantage among competitors
  6. Strategic Planning and Budget Management
    Use customized experiences and a systematic approach to provide ongoing IT planning, service and budget management

As time goes on and technology becomes more advanced, research such as IBM’s report, shows that now is the time for CEOs to start implementing a Best Practice approach in managing the IT infrastructure within their business.

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