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Implementing the Right Business Software

How do you know if you are selecting the right software for your business? Are you paying the right amount? Are you executing the correct plan for the software to be successful?


Who’s Hijacking Your Business WiFi? Eliminate WiFi Security Risks

Managed Wireless Network service takes care of all wireless communication. From planning to implementation to maintenance. Planning the access points, updating configurations, maintaining regular password changes and monitoring performance are key to delivering a seamless, productive and wireless experience across the organization.


How To Make Cloud Work For Your Business

IT Cloud Applications and service can lead to decreased risks, increased service quality, and sometimes even IT Cost savings. However, flying in the Clouds is not simple or risk free. In this workshop preview we will discuss the processes to analyze regarding the Return on Investment of IT Cloud Applications, Cloud Services and Cloud Infrastructure as a Service. We will also discuss the realities and implications of moving a business processes to be dependent on the Cloud.


A Peek Inside IT Best Practices

How do best practices apply to your company’s IT department? Unfortunately, most companies are asleep at the wheel when it comes to providing structure in their IT system. A study provided by IBM claims that more than 70 percent of companies recognize that IT infrastructure plays an important role in enabling competitive advantage or optimizing revenue and profit. However, despite this recognition, only 22 percent have a well-defined IT infrastructure strategy. Join us, as we dive into the details of IT Best Practices and show you how to implement them into your company.


Smarter Conference Rooms, Smarter Meetings, With Intel Unite

Go behind-the-scenes with Leverage IT Consulting and Intel to see how one of the top leaders in technology conduct conferences whether your colleagues are in the meeting with you or halfway around the world. Learn how to collaborate more effectively as conference room technology has advanced throughout the years.


How to Change Any Screen with an HDMI Port into
a Full Fledged Computer

Leverage IT Consulting and Intel team up to show you a new meaning to the idea of handheld computing. With Intel’s Compute Stick, any projector, TV, or screen with an HDMI port can be transformed into a full computer with Windows 10. We will show you how to make any conference, speech, or event more functional with this newly developed technology.


Why Security Awareness Training? CYBER MAFIA. THAT'S WHY.