Client Communication

Business Technology Roles and Responsibilities

Client Business Technology Primary

Accountable for:

  • Technology relationship management
  • Voice of the client for technology, risk, and value priority decisions
  • Technology project status monitoring
  • Client business process management


Accountable for:

  • Strategic IT planning
  • Scheduled technology planning meetings
  • Guiding and coaching client’s business experts to impact technology advantages and performance
  • Leverage IT’s relationship management

LITC Network Administrator

Accountable for:

  • Reporting on the client’s technical architecture
  • Scheduled best practice testing
  • Advocating IT best practice needs, service improvement, and technology best use opportunities
  • Validating post project best practice implementations

LITC Technology Service Lead

Accountable for:

  • Client service request delivery
  • Service request and trend analysis to identify service improvement opportunities
  • Automated tool management
  • Automated services

LITC Project Manager

Accountable for:

  • Project delivery
  • Clear, definable, measurable, deliverable scope definition
  • Communication and expectation setting and management for planning, scheduling, updating, and controlling project deliverables

Our Mission Education

As experienced IT consultants, we know that client communication is very important in providing efficient IT services and IT support.

Best Use of Company Technology Assets, Reduced Risk, Return on Investment
Oversight, Reduced Risk, Technology Management Accountability
Access to Issue Resolution, Valued Technology Use Information